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Havanese Rescue and Adoption

HavaneseNation.com is dedicated to the well-being of the Havanese breed and donates a portion of the profits to non-profit rescue organizations.  The mission statement of one such rescue group is as follows:
Havanese Rescue Inc. Mission Statement
Havanese Rescue Inc. (HRI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed for the charitable purposes of rescuing purebred Havanese and Havanese mixes which are homeless or soon-to-be-homeless, including those found in animal shelters or similar facilities and those relinquished by their owners. The dogs are provided with the attention, care and medical treatment necessary including spay/neutering. HRI also focuses on education of the public regarding puppy mills and responsible dog ownership including spay/neutering, training and humane care of Havanese and other pets.
This video shows some touching examples of rescued Havanese dogs.

Things to know about Havanese Rescue and Adoption

People sometimes give up their dogs to adoption when they can no longer care for them
Most adoption organizations utilize temporary "safe house" homes prior to adoption
Most rescued dogs are strays who were lost or abandoned
There is often an adoption fee to help pay the costs of the organization
Dogs are given shots and medical exams prior to adoption

More Rescue and Adoption Considerations...

The Havanese is an adorable breed, and of course the Havanese puppies are irresistible. Evidence of just how wonderful these dogs are  in terms of personality and temperament, as well as adorable looks , is evidenced by their status in the AKC rankings of all breeds of dogs. The Havanese breed just keeps gaining popularity among dog lovers.

One way to find a Havanese for adoption is through a great organization called Havanese Rescue. You can find listings by contacting The Havanese Club of America (HCA). This can save you approximately $1000.00 since to buy from a breeder could cost from $1000.00 to $2500.00. But rescues are not free. There are adoption fees. Also, you may not be able to adopt a puppy due to your personal circumstances.

A major benefit of adoption is that most Havanese adoptees are already trained, vaccinated and spayed. In addition, you can evaluate their personalities better than with newborns since their adult personalities have already been formed. You should expect to have this wonderful breed for a considerable time since they have a long life span (15 years).

Since these rescue and adoption dogs are not coming directly from their original breeders, you should beware of hybrids. They may look like purebred Havanese, and many shelters can tell you for sure, but sometimes the adoption and rescue shelters do not have all the breeding papers on the dog so there is no guarantee. Of course hybrids can be every bit as rewarding a pet as purebreds, it's just that you'll want to  know what you're getting.

So, armed with this information, go forth and rescue a Havanese!  Shelters are staffed by loving people who care very much for their dogs and they do their best to accommodate the person who is looking to adopt.

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Available for Adoption
Sweet Cody - Adoption Pending
Sweet Cody

Cody is a little more than a year old. This sweet boy and downright adorable dog appreciates human attention. He gets a little shy when you go to pick him up, but is happy to have cuddles from people.
Heeeere's Billy...

AKA "Billy Bean" ~ a spry, fit 9-year-old that lets you know just what he’s thinking and looks at life through puppy eyes! He’s now seeking his perfect forever home; a dog experienced person who doesn’t mind skipping the puppy training phases and enjoys companionship all day long.  He looks forward to pleasing and interacting with his new family and, of course, getting his beloved treats.

While still a tad shy Billy has made remarkable strides in learning to play with doggie toys, being part of large social gatherings in his new home, going to a groomer, proving he knows no strangers and getting along well with other dogs.  And, can you believe this?!  Billy IS fully housebroken! At this stage of his life he’s looking for a calmer household where he can receive all the attention he deserves.  Billy is by no means over the hill and still enjoys his early morning and evening walks, going several miles a day!  



Playful Journey - Adoption Pending
Playful Journey

journey_2008.jpg Journey, at little more than a year old, loves to play! As much as he loves running and wrestling with his foster siblings though, this guy loves to sit on your lap as long as you remember your "job" is to pet him and tell him what a great dog he is. Journey is curious about the world and is happy to keep himself busy exploring. He is very well behaved.
Shadow Needs a Home


Two year old Shadow has spent some time in foster care learning to live in a family home after being rescued from a puppy mill.

Shadow is a very cute ten pound sable. He's worked at getting to know people and he loves getting his belly rubbed from his foster family while he lies on his back and he's discovered soft, comfy laps all over the place in his current foster home! 
Jesse James - Just about ready for You!
Jesse James, two-years-old and 10 pounds of rough and tumble fun!  He's working on his people skills after arriving in his foster home directly from a terrible puppy mill situation.

Jesse gets along with other dogs and likes the quiet, older grandchild that came to visit

He's looking for that perfect family that will accept his needs for time to adjust and respond.  Fast movements and loud voices still frighten him some so he needs someone who is dog savvy and prepared to give him time to adjust to his new surroundings and people.
Fritz - Really Lookin' for his Family

Fritz had a rough start in life and then was left at a shelter with 4 other Havanese-Bichons.  We can only estimate his age at somewhere between 3-5 years.  He's neutered and just about figured out the whole housebreaking routine.

He's enjoyed his foster home, listening to music and yes, even realizes the benefits of a great bath!  Fritz has learned so much there!  Fritz loves laps, attention (oooh, those ear rubs!) and being told he's a good boy. His quiet demeanor and sweet face melt any heart!  He's found out about the good life:  doggie toys, sitting up on the couch, running free in the backyard and he's now learned how much fun it is to play with the other dogs, especially outside.   Fritz needs to find  his forever home so that he can continue discovering the super dog he is. fritz_2.jpg



Max is a delightful boy, approximately 2 1/2 years old. He was surrendered with a report of not being house trained, but he's done beautifully while in foster care.

Max is small, weighing about 10 pounds. He's been eating well in foster care and will likely pick up just a little more weight.
Amos Alert!
REWARD for Safe Return

Mallory is missing in the Show Low/Pinetops area of AZ. She is wearing a step-in harness (little bumble bees) with tags. Mallory is about 8 1/2" high and weighs about 8 lbs a week ago. She has no fat, is muscular.
She is 6 months old.

Microchipped and registered with homeagain.com
White with Chocolate tips on face/head.
Green eyes
Hair unclipped.
Was spayed 2 weeks ago, so has recent scar on abdomen.
She is very much missed by her family.

If you see Mallory, DO NOT CHASE her. Contact the owners immedately.
Call 928-367-2373  or 602-957-2923  or 602-957-2923

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